Cristina Perez is a believer that while life is complicated, that is what makes it beautiful. As a New Orleans-based singer and a mother to three-year-old Oscar, or “Oskie”, her son with special needs, she is dedicated to creating authentic music inspired by women empowerment, untraditional motherhood, positivity and inclusivity for all. With an artists’ drive, she is focused on using her original music to bring light, love and awareness to her community and to give a louder voice to mothers of children with disabilities and rare diseases. 

After releasing “The Sweetest Thing”, an album written as a love letter to New Orleans, Cristina set her music career aside to care full time for Oscar, who has endured a one-and-a-half-month NICU stay and six surgeries, who undergoes physical, occupational, and speech therapies three times a week, and who is globally delayed and tube fed. Her and her husband’s lives are forever affected and she now uses her voice to promote disability and rare disease awareness and inclusivity. She is dedicated to showcasing that Oskie is much more than his medical diagnoses and to inspire other mothers in her disability community to speak up and recognize their strength. 

Cristina has created a new normal for her family, and through much personal reflection and rededication to her music career, has released “Lessons I’ve Learned” as an uplifting anthem for mothers to turn to when things get rough - a motivation to remain strong despite what life throws at you. She shares her innermost thoughts, speaking about the challenges of motherhood and womanhood, with a relatability for her fans to identify with through their shared experiences.

The music video includes four other local mothers who have overcome hurdles similar to Cristina’s. It was important to her to include her community in this work.

Cristina also runs a popular blog called It’s Not Too Complicated, where she breaks down the trials and tribulations of motherhood, marriage and everyday life with a child with disabilities. She is on the Parent and Family Advisory Council at Children’s Hospital New Orleans and is a contributor for Nickluas Children’s Hospital Blog. Along with working on a full-length album, she is studying for her MBA from Loyola and is preparing for a move to Washington, DC with her family in 2019.

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Lessons I've Learned

by Cristina Perez